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Parish Center Spring 2022 Update

It has been a while since there has been a parish wide status update on our new Parish Center and Church connection project. Your patience and understanding have been much appreciated.

These past two years have been difficult for most everyone in a variety of ways. Despite the many hurdles we have faced as a community while coping with Covid, the planning of this exciting project has continued.

The fact that our property is located within a flood plain brings unique challenges. Along with our architect, Doyle Coffin Architects (DCA), and their professional consultants, you should know that some St. Patrick parishioners with special talents have also stepped up to help in this planning process to meet the various challenges. Parishioners on our team include a Civil, an Electrical and a Mechanical Professional Engineer. How about that!

One such task included the extensive study to confirm the ability to use the existing Center foundation and surrounding soil versus razing it and constructing a new foundation. While DCA was developing an effective site mitigation strategy, another team was working on some mechanical, electric, and plumbing (MEP) considerations.

Our team did extensive research and cost/benefit analysis to consider expanding the original Center project scope to include more of the Master Plan’s goals: upgrade all MEP in the Church building. It was a tedious but worthwhile process. We did find some items that make economic and planning sense to do now, versus, waiting for later.

While the project planning team was working, clearly the rest of the parishioners have been doing their part. Of the $3,368,415 pledged to our Forward In Faith Capital Campaign (FIF), over 92% has already been received. That’s over $3.104 million in our parish building fund bank account. Well done!

There have been some new budgetary considerations caused by pandemic recovery, supply chain effects, and the current economic climate requiring that we will need to fund raise further to fully achieve our project goals. More to come from Fr Kevin regarding the FIF soon.

However, the great success of our FIF campaign does allow us to proceed with the extensive process of developing final detail construction design/drawings so we may put our project out to bid to construction companies this August. If all continues according to plan, we will start demolition of the current Center this October 2022 with a projected completion date of September 2023! We plan to provide you with monthly updates and more frequently where necessary. For your reference, we have a Project Timeline and Questions and Answers document.

With God’s help and yours, we plan to complete this project in the most efficient and timely manner.

St Patrick Building Committee

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