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Parish Center February Update

Plans are to put our Center project out to bid to construction companies on February 28. We hope to get bid results by the end of March. Our goal is to start demo/construction in April; however, the actual start of construction will be determined by the construction company: affected by things like crew availability, material supply chain, Town Building Dept, etc.

In addition, our plan is to have the use of Shamrock House throughout the process.

Our target construction window is April 2023 - July 2024. Very exciting!

The parish is extremely grateful to all those who responded to Father’s most recent appeal for an increase in the amount pledged to build a new center. In fact, since November 6, 2022, parishioners have pledged an additional $800,000!

Check the church steeple thermometer on the lawn in front of the Center. We are SO close!

Thank you for your continued support,

St Patrick Building Committee

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