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Parish Center December Update

We are so grateful for the recent boost in funds. We are close to achieving our Forward in Faith Campaign goal of $4,235,000 and are currently at $4,005,779. Just $230,000 left in pledges to reach this initial goal. We still aspire to 100% parishioner participation. If you have not already submitted your pledge forms, please return them to the rectory soon.

November was a month for getting ready for construction. The final selection of materials and finishes was a clear focus this last month. Gwen has received more tile samples trying to find the right color scheme for our center. In addition, the IT system specifications were completed. These include WiFi, access and security, and media equipment.

The finishing touches are being done on the parish center design drawings and bid packages to be ready for offering to select contractors in January. It is very exciting that we will be able to go out for bid with a start of construction target of spring 2023!

A lot of work has gone into making our new center the best, most inviting parish center that will be used for years to come. We are all looking forward to our new modern parish center that will allow for the education of our children, parish events, and other activities that are not adequately provided in our current center.

Thank you for your continued support,

St Patrick Building Committee

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