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Parish Center March Update

It is finally here! The bidding documents are complete and we are going out to several construction companies for quotations the first week in March. It has been a long-complicated process, but we are ready to start.

March will be a busy month. We need to empty out any remaining materials we want to use in the new parish center. Faith Formation materials, religious statues, along with tables and chairs and other items, will be gathered and stored. The Shamrock House will have some repair work done since we intend on using it while the parish center is under construction. The Transition team will need your help to get the center ready and will send out a Flock note with more information.

It is expected that bidding will be completed in March with the selected company starting work in April. With a 15-month construction schedule, we should be enjoying our new parish center the summer of 2024.

Thank you for your continued support,

St Patrick Building Committee


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