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Parish Center October Update

Design Update: Our last update from our architect, DCA, was in June. On September 12 we met with the architect to discuss interior finishes. The types/colors of flooring that are being considered are commercial carpet, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), hard wood, and porcelain tile. The architect presented the pros and cons of each including the relative cost difference. Wall coverings and colors were also discussed with two types being considered: paint or a commercial wall covering. Finish choices are not final yet. There will be samples of finishes for both flooring and wall coverings left in the parish center for people to view. If interested, please come to the parish center is see the provided samples. They are in the front area in the office on the right as you enter the parish center from the street.

Construction Planning Update: Project documents are being finalized. We are still on schedule for construction bidding in November. Demolition of the parish center will be after January 15, 2023. There have been some minor plan changes.

  1. A ramp was added between the parish center and the church due to different elevations.

  2. The men’s and women’s rest rooms have changed places and some storage areas have been combined near the rest rooms. Double doors were added to the entrance to the rest room area for better flow.

  3. A storage area near the social hall was enlarged.

  4. The sexton room was moved so there would be a window with a view of the parking lot.

An updated plan is available in the parish center with these updates.

Thank you for your continued support,

St Patrick Building Committee

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