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Parish Center June Update

The Transition Team has been busy planning for the removal of all items from the Center in anticipation of the razing of the building in October. They have been very considerate of the different groups who use the Center and want to assist in saving and storing needed items or disposing of what’s not needed anymore. It’s a big job.

For instance, The Daughters of Isabella have used the Center for their meetings since the Center was built. While stuff has come and gone, they still have accumulated a lot of things. Some is necessary for conducting their meetings while some is sentimental from the time they held Christmas bazaars. Photo albums and documents have historical importance. They have a set of dinnerware that has often been shared with the parish for different occasions. Hard decisions will have to be made to either keep and store these items or give them to others or get rid of them.

And that is just one group…

So, the Transition Team has configured the Center Hall to provide table space for groups to start sorting their items. They plan to provide boxes to store items and will help with disposing of items. Some items might be stored in the Shamrock House though space is limited there. In that regard, the upholstered furniture that is presently in the Shamrock House will be removed. Anyone from the parish has first dibs. If interested, please arrange a time to look at the pieces of furniture by calling/texting Susan Turley at 1-(860) 884-3553.

The architect (DCA) and their consultant teams continue their work on fine-tuning details of parish center design and church connection. Being in a floodplain and to ensure we stay on schedule, it's critical that we fulfill all Town planning/zoning/building requirements. A final design/plan review meeting with DCA and the St. Patrick building committee has been scheduled for June 20. More to come after the meeting.

Thank you for your continued support,

St Patrick Building Committee

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