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Parish Center July Update

The design team at Doyle/Coffin (DCA) has been busy working on the details of our new parish center. On June 20 a progress review meeting was held with members of the St Patrick Building committee. DCA presented an overview of the center along with some of the challenges that have been identified. 3 priorities were discussed. Completion of the geotech report for the existing foundation is required for code compliance and engineer sign-off. Our center is in a flood plain and the foundation needs to be sound. Besides the foundation, flood regulations require our new center to have flood water prevention devices (barriers) for the windows and doors and to be constructed with flood resistant materials. The last priority was a 9 ½ inch elevation difference between the church and the parish center. An interior ramp is conceptually added in the connector from the church to the center.

These were the highlights presented in the meeting. DCA provided 56 drawings for our review. 56 drawings! A lot of work has been done, but there is much more to go as they are ~55% complete.

The Transition team continues to make progress emptying the existing parish center. Religious education material is being sorted and packed. The Daughters of Isabella began to go through their material stored in the center.

Shamrock house is being readied to be used as our meeting place. Furniture is out and the carpet has been taken up to allow for a more useful and flexible space. The Boy Scouts have been a huge help to the team moving furniture out of Shamrock house.

Thank you for your continued support,

St Patrick Building Committee

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