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Parish Center August Update

Thanks to the efforts of many people, in particular Susan Turley and Gwen Cukierski, the Center Clearance Sale was a wonderful success. $1300 was raised to be donated to the Center Building Fund. Items for sale came from cupboards and cabinets and corners of the Center and of Shamrock House.

While quite a bit of stuff was sold, there remains more items available from the Clearance Sale. Other nonprofits such as Johnny Cake in Westerly and Habitat for Humanity will have an opportunity to go through the remaining items to take anything they want. Whatever is left over may end up at Goodwill or at the dump.

Again, thanks to all who participated whether sorting and cleaning or browsing and buying.

So, while excess stuff went into the Clearance Sale, the Transition Team will now have to make decisions about items we want to retain. Where to store big items such as the refrigerator, upright freezer, stove hood and white tables and chairs? Plus, all the smaller items such as dishes and Faith Formation materials and janitorial supplies, etc. They are exploring spaces in the Shamrock House cellar and attic, rectory garage or renting a Storage Pod. The stage curtains – what to do with them?

But the Transition Team now has more time to make these decisions. The demolition of the Center has been pushed back to after Jan 15, 2023, with the project bid package likely to go out in November. While the bid/construction drawings are progressing on schedule, the project delay is primarily due to continued supply chain disruptions and the impact of current inflation/recession uncertainties, likely resulting in inflated bids. We’ve determined that it is in the best interest of our parish to delay the bid process until we see a bit more market stability. We’ll continue to monitor these factors and advise. This delay was not too much of a surprise as we all know personally that prices continue to rise. But still disappointing…

And yet, gas prices have abated so there is a hopeful feeling that maybe inflation for other items will stabilize or go down!

For now, we will continue to have the use of the Center through the end of the year at least. Coffee and Donuts on Sunday, D of I meetings once a month and other parish activities and meetings can plan accordingly.

Praying to the Holy Spirit to guide us in all our decisions.

The Building Committee

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